Make a lot of money from home

Blogging and Youtube can make you very rich. It depends if you have unique content. Never copy other’s content because it can hurt your website or Youtube channel’s ranking. If you don’t feel comfortable on camera you can just write blog and voice-over your video. Traffic and views is very important, while likes and subscribers has no effect to your ranking to your site or youtube channel according to my experience.



I make up as well

I fall down when I was catching a bus

I thought the bus was about to depart so I run to catch it but end up hurting my knees.

Hong Kong double deck bus accident

I like Japanese food!!

Absolutely unforgettable!

I am vaccinated

How to make money online?

This is my saving account. How to make money online? Any idea?

McCafe iced cappuccino

Should I stir well first?

I like Pizza Hut!

Just a little pricey but it is delicious, worth it!